Have a Better Fucking Life…Make Love.

At some point we made our intimacy a priority. We realized that we wanted to make an intimate life. We didn’t just do it to be provacative, though we are very provocative. We didn’t just do it because we were horny, though I would say through our work we are very, very horny for each other. We began methodically improving our sex lives because we discovered that our love languages of physical touch and quality time are attended to, in their core, in physical intimacy.

My girlfriend and I have been discussing what each of us is thinking before, during and after sex.

You are lying in bed. The two of you in underwear. Between now and culminating mutual orgasm…your thoughts take two different roads.

Every round of oral sex on my girlfriend is different, but it always ends with a powerful orgasm, and there are common little events along the road to that orgasm

For most people, the only thing that changes is that the guy pounds into her more, or they change positions, or both.  While pounding has its place, and positions are different ways to reach a similar outcome, I would say change the details of your process,especially the way you kiss.